LA CHIVA GANTIVA (Belgian Afro-Colombian music)

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LA CHIVA GANTIVA (Belgian Afro-Colombian music)

La Chiva Gantiva is a Belgian band rooted in Afro-Colombian music. La Chiva Gantiva was founded around 2011 in Brussels by three Colombian students: Rafael Espinel, Natalia Gantiva and Felipe Decker. The group later grew into a multinational band with members of Colombian, Vietnamese, Belgian and Chilean origin. Their style combines Afro-Colombian rhythms with rock, afrobeat and funk.

In 2010, La Chiva Gantiva received the Premio SHOCK, an annual award given by Colombian television. The band has performed at festivals and venues in Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Benin, the United States and Canada.

Apretao (Sugarbeat Studios, 2008)Pelao (Crammed Discs, 2012)Vivo (Crammed Discs, 2014)Despegue (Flowfish Records, 2017)


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