Canadian couple finds $1 million winning lotto ticket after a year

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Por: Nicolas Lobatón González

Canadian couple finds $1 million winning lotto ticket after a year

Lightning struck twice in Montreal.

As if winning the $1 million jackpot wasn’t lucky enough, a Canadian couple who misplaced their winning ticket found and redeemed it two days before its expiration date.

Nicole Pedneault and Roger Larocque agreed to forgo candy and flowers on Valentine’s Day 2018, opting instead to purchase a ticket for an April 5 Loto-Quebec lottery drawing. It turned out to be a winner.

For nearly a year, their forgotten ticket remained tucked between the pages of a book Pedneaults bought while on vacation in Japan, according to a BBC report.

While helping her grandson round up material for a school presentation on the Asian island nation last weekend, she opened that book and was reunited with the lucky numbers.

“If my grandson hadn’t asked to borrow those items for his show-and-tell presentation, I would never have found the ticket on time,” Pedneault said.

Tickets for the Loto-Quebec expire one year after the drawing. Pedneault and Larocque claimed the ticket Wednesday.

The lucky Québécois plan to spoil their five sons and grandchildren with the winnings, but first they will treat themselves to “poutine with a double helping of gravy and cheese curds at the restaurant." Laroque is also thinking about buying a new car.

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