Cauca enchanting by nature

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Cauca enchanting by nature

Enchanting By Nature, is a very nice and eloquent name for the revival of tourism in Cauca, Colombia.

After being one of the most affected states by the armed conflicts in Colombia, today Cauca opens its doors to various development alternatives, including tourism as a tool for social cohesion and economic growth.

ANATO 2019 (Asociación Colombiana de Agencias de Viajes y Turismo) the Colombian Association of Travel and Tourism, the most important tourism fair event in Colombia and Latin America, hosts Cauca as a state that shows its visitors the tourism graciousness of its region. "Convinced that Cauca today has in the economy real alternatives such as tourism, we are in ANATO 2019, showing why Cauca is charming by nature. Showing our visitors, the potential tourism of our region through our five UNESCO recognitions that make us unique at the national level‘’ expressed the governor of Cauca Óscar Rodrigo Campo Hurtado.

The governor of Cauca Óscar Rodrigo Campo Hurtado.

It is important to note that today, thanks to the dynamics experienced in the territories, tourism has been boosted in the region, especially in Popayán, where according to data from COTELCO (Asociación Hotelera y Turística de Colombia) Hotel and Tourism Association of Colombia, the percentage of hotel occupancy has grown by 60% This taking into account the new conditions in matters of public safety and road infrastructure that the department has, "today we have important roads such as the road to Suárez that connects with Salvajina (Dam and Hydroelectric Plant), as well as the Coconuco-Paletará - Isnos road that improves the recreational thermal activity of the state" indicated the governor of Cauca Óscar Rodrigo Campo Hurtado.

It is important to note that during the ANATO 2019 Fair, it is sought to establish in the different business meetings to include new businesses that allow the department to include itself in the different tourist agendas of the promoters in Colombia and to continue inviting Colombia and the World to take a walk in Cauca. #EncantadorPorNaturaleza

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