San Francisco woman learns she has nearly 30 siblings after DNA test

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San Francisco woman learns she has nearly 30 siblings after DNA test

A San Francisco woman went from being an only child to one of 30 siblings in a short amount of time.

Shauna Harrison made the discovery after submitting her DNA to ancestry site 23andMe. She had signed up for the service after learning at age 27 that her father wasn’t her biological dad and her parents used a sperm donor to conceive, and she wanted to learn more about her family history for health reasons.

Years later, in 2017 and at age 41, Harrison signed back on to her account and reversed her privacy settings to make her profile more public, according to CNN.

“Boom! Next day I get an email from one of the siblings. ‘Looks like we are related. Not sure if that’s a surprise to you,’” Harrison told San Francisco’s KGO-TV.

Before long, eight others emerged as half-siblings, and in the two years since, so many more were discovered that there’s now a total of 30, including Harrison. They range in age from 24 to 41.

“Two of us are born two-and-a-half weeks apart," Harrison told KGO. “And the other two are born two days apart. So, things like that are a little weird to me. Are we from the same sample? Are we almost twins? I don’t know! How does that work?”

Harrison is the third-oldest so far. That could change though, since more siblings are emerging by the day.

Another Bay Area woman, Jodi Hale, ranks number 15 in birth order. She met up with Harrison at a Starbucks after they discovered they had the same biological father.

“It’s just nice to have someone else that is in sort of the same place," Hale told KGO. “And you have a lot of the same history. It’s fun.”

Not all of the half-siblings find it thrilling though, apparently. Some of them only found out that the father they’d grown up with was not their biological dad after sending in their DNA and others have stayed anonymous.

To help keep track of all their new family members, the half-siblings have a Facebook page, a welcome packet and a spreadsheet for birthdays.

“It’s just non-stop,” Harrison told KGO. “I don’t think this is going to be it. I think it’s just going to continually happen, probably for the rest of my life.”

Several of her half-siblings are in contact with their biological dad, who wanted a lot of kids, according to Harrison.

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